Makin’ Banana Pancakes…


Good day to you! Luckily you have 2 great options for Saturday morning..Atherton Market​ or Good Bottle Co.​ It’s going to be a swell start to the weekend! See the two menus below. If you’ve never tried an Arepa (see pic) before, get one…you won’t be disappointed!

Breakfast at Atherton Market, about 8:30am – 12:30pm

Roots Hash
Roasted Potatoes, Bell Peppers, Onions, Garlic and Fresh Herbs Topped with a free range egg and roasted tomato gravy

Banana Pancakes
Organic Banana Pancakes topped with DuClaw Brewery’s chocolate peanut butter porter syrup

Breakfast Arepas
Colombian style arepas with chorizo queso, black beans and sunny side up egg

Grilled Veggie Frittata
Fire roasted vegetables, fluffy eggs, shredded cheese and fresh herbs

Good Bottle Pancake Breakfast, 9am-11ish

Coffee and Cream Pancakes
Roasted Coffee Bean Pancakes with Dark Chocolate and topped with Kahlua Whipped Cream
Pair with “The Dude Embibes” Triple C

Hop Jacks
Hopped pancakes with Malted Maple Syrup
Made for NoDa Brewing’s Hop Cakes

Jack Johnson meets Sweet Baby Jesus
Roasted Banana Pancakes topped with Sweet baby DuClaw’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

Fridays Are My Favorite.

Actually smiling’s my favorite.

Rural HillAfter all that snow biz that’s been slowing us down, let’s get ready to rumble. We’ll be inside the Duke building today on the 4th floor serving lunch, and then tonight at Sycamore Brewing from 4:30-10pm (maybe they’ll have their peanut butter porter, yum…)

Hope you’ll start your weekend with us! We’ll be workin’ the griddle at Good Bottle Saturday morning, starting at 9am serving up a few different pancakes. If that’s not really your thing, brave the cold and come out to Atherton Market to get breakfast from our truck. Don’t worry, you can eat it inside the warm cozy market.

Also, if are a bride-to-be, there’s a great Sip and Seek Bridal Show at Rural Hill on Sunday, March 8th. Stop by and say hi to us, meet some other local vendors, and get some inspiration for your big day! You can register and get more info HERE.

Duke Building Menu 11:30am-1:30pm

Jerk Chicken Wrap $7

Caribbean Jerk chicken with grilled zucchini, squash, carrots, onions and greens in a tomato basil wrap

 Nawlins Jambalaya $8

Cajun Spiced chicken, shrimp and chorizo with bell peppers, onions and rice

 Pimento Grilled Cheese $6

House made pimento cheese tasted between a hoagie roll and pressed to perfection

 The Bonzo Wrap $6

Chili spiced garbanzo beans, kale apple slaw and greens

in a tomato basil wrap 


 Chicken Enchilada Soup $4

 Tomato Soup $3

 Mixed Green Salad $2

 Herb & Horseradish Mashed Potatoes $2

Sycamore Brewing 4:30pm-10pm

Raleigh Fingers

Breaded chicken tenders and a side of Must (ache) you Sauce

Poultry Junction Wings

Honey Dijon or Sweet and Spicy Chili

Chorizo Nachos

Hand cut corn tortillas strips, pickles jalapenos, chopped red onions, cilantro and chorizo muenster queso

Trout Po Boy

NC cornmeal crusted trout with creamy kale apple slaw

The Bonzo Wrap

Chili spiced garbonzo beans, kale apple slaw and greens in a tomato basil wrap



French fried taters, bone broth gravy and NC cheese curds

Garlic Horseradish Mashed taters

Snow Day for the Trucks

IMG_0504Sorry friends, the food trucks are staying warm and cozy at home today. But that just means you’ll have to come get your Roots fix tomorrow! We’ll be inside the Duke building on the 4th floor for lunch and then at Sycamore Brewing tomorrow night.

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to start planning that birthday bash or that just-because-I-feel-like-it party, and Roots would like an invite! People love using our food truck or catering services for their events because they actually get to enjoy the party. We’d be happy to give you a quote for your next event, so give us a call at 704.975.1691 or email

One more thing. This Saturday morning we will be at Atherton Market serving up some delicious eats for breakfast. AND we will be doing a pancake breakfast at Good Bottle. So you should probably plan to hit up both spots. We won’t judge. We’ll give you a high five.



I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to take the trucks out today! Not sure what the equivalent is of food trucks having cabin fever, but they have it. So we’ll be hitting up Uptown (Tryon & Levine Ave of the Arts) AND Europa Sports.

Yesterday we got to do a site visit for an upcoming event you should know about…and sign up for! It’s the annual Casino Night which benefits the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte. It’s on Saturday, March 7th, and we are honored and excited that we get to be the caterer for it. You can get your tickets HERE.

Uptown Menu

Jerk Chicken Taco

Poultry Junction Free Range Chicken grilled and slow cooked with house made jerk sauce topped with cilantro sour Cream and sweet potato chip crumbles

Local Pasture Raised Chorizo Taco

Windy Hills Pasture Raised Chorizo with smoked jalapeño, sweet potato and pineapple salsa

Trout Taco

Cornmeal crusted trout with kale apple slaw and citrus remoulade

Coconut Curry Veggie Taco

Roasted rusted potatoes, sweet potato, zucchini and squash over greens and topped with Green onion garlic Aioli


Black beans with smoked chilies

Tomato Soup and chiffonade basil

Roots Teeth chattering, bone Chilling. bone broth

Eddie “Muenster” grilled veggie mac and cheese


Krispy Kreme bread pudding with Cheerwine Glaze (Yummers!)

Europa Sports Menu (11401 Granite St)

Jerk Chicken Taco

Poultry Junction Free Range Chicken grilled and slow cooked with house made jerk sauce topped with cilantro sour Cream and crispy plantains

Local Pasture Raised Chorizo Taco

Windy Hills Pasture Raised Chorizo with smoked jalapeño, sweet potato and pineapple salsa

Shrimp Taco

Sauteed NC shrimp with fresh greens and a citrus remoulade

Fire roasted Veggie Taco

Roasted rusted potatoes, sweet potato, zucchini and squash over greens and topped with Green onion garlic Aioli


Black beans with smoked chilies

Eddie “Muenster” grilled veggie mac and cheese

Dos Potatoes and bacon Soup

Sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, smoked bacon topped with green onion

Roots Teeth chattering, bone Chilling. bone broth


Our truck caught a cold in this weather, busted pipes, and propane leaks…….So I will be spending the morning fixing those things, instead of cooking your breakfast. Believe me, I would rather be doing the latter.  Everyone have a great day and think thoughts of Spring.

See you at the truck…….next week.


Cabin Fever?

Tonight we will be Sycamore Brewing and tomorrow morning we will be at Atherton Market! Finally we are taking the food truck out this week. We all have a little bit of cabin fever. Tonight’s menu:

Sycamore Menu

We have been cooped up all week and we are ready cook!!!

Beer Brat

House Made Brats simmered in Sycamore Beer and Seared on our Flat Top with House made kraut from local cabbage and local spicy mustard


Grass Feed Moroccan Spiced Lamb Taco topped with Roasted Tomato and Bell Pepper Jam

Raleigh Fingers

Buttermilk Marinated Deep Fried Chicken with Local Honey and Spicy Chili Dipping Sauce

The Bean Burger

Roots Recipe Black Bean Burger, served on a toasted bun (or not), fresh greens, smoked aioli, and Fresh herbs

Pimiento and Bacon Sammy

Grilled house made pimiento Cheese and crispy bacon, gooey on the inside, crispy on the outside

Roasted Tomato Bisque

Perfect addition to your pimiento bacon sammy

Fire Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad

Fusili Pasta, Grilled Carrots, Squash, Onions, Fresh Herbs and simple Red Wine Vinaigrette

Sweet Potato Chips

Smoked Paprika, Chili Powder, Cumin, Cinnamon, Cayenne

Chili Cheese Nachos

Beef, Cheese, Chips, Delicious

No Food Trucks Today…Sad Face.


Roots trucks will not be leaving home base today. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring. This cold weather has been keeping us (and a lot of people) inside this week. But not to worry, we’ll be out at Sycamore Brewing tomorrow night. If you haven’t checked them out yet, now is the time. We’ll be there to fill your bellies with some warm-you-up cuisine. I heard the chefs planning a Grass-Fed Moroccan Lamb Taco…as well as some House Made Brats…mouth is already watering.

We’ll also be out at Atherton Market on Saturday morning so plan on starting your weekend there. And we maaaay be serving some HOT Roots bone broth. Okay we definitely are. It’s not only warming, but healing, nutritious and delicious. If you’re thinking “what the what??” then HERE is some info to bring you into the know.

Check back tomorrow for the Sycamore menu and we look forward to seeing you there!

Ice Ice Baby


Good Morning Everyone,

              So just like the school system we have to make the call early and hope we were right…..That being said, we will not be taking the food trucks out today due to the temperature.  I value my staff greatly and they are no good if they become riddled with frost bite or catch a cold.  So,tomorrow is up in the air as well, but we are definitely going to be outFriday at Sycamore Brewing and Saturday at the Atherton Market.  We can’t stay in too long, we get cabin fever……we gotta cook.

              Being that we have a couple days to really come up with a cool menu for Sycamore and Atherton, even if it is cold, you should all stop by….it’s going to be really good.

              Thank you to everyone who participated in our Por Amor Dinner (depicted above).  The secret location, the secret menu, and the intimate setting made it a night to remember.  We love doing small private events like this because we really get to express our culinary creativity.  You too can have something like this in your own home or in a quiet intimate venue. 

Maybe we will see you tomorrow, but we will definitely see you all on Friday.

Stay warm!




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