bu bu bunsen

Good morning Charlotte! (or any other rando place you are) We would like to take this very brief moment to give a shout out to National Bunsen Burner day! Roots uses these all the time so we are grateful they exist.

Hey don’t forget, tomorrow is April Fool’s so you better be plotting today. I know I will. But I won’t throw any pranks at you guys. Tomorrow we will be Uptown for lunch and then running up to Davidson Day School and serving there 3pm-6pm. So if you live in the area you can swing by and grab some dinner. It’s going to be a nice sunny day, both today and tomorrow so we hope you’ll come on out and see us!

Today we’re at Free More West, from 11am-1:30pm. See you there.

Free More West Menu (1435 W Morehead)

Churrasco Steak Taco

Grilled Beef flank steak, with greens and southwestern bean and corn salsa and a chili aioli

Curried Chicken Wrap

Poultry Junction roasted chicken, coconut curry, mint, basil, carrots and peppers in a whole grain wrap

Trout Po Boy Taco

NC panko crusted trout, arugula, and a cucumber, garlic, coriander remoulade

Quinoa Wrap

seasoned quinoa, with corn, roasted mushrooms, greens and sweet chili sauce


Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad

Mac and Cheese Bites

Broccoli and Bacon Soup

wi wi winning,


get it get it

That’s right. Get your Friday on. Get your Roots food on. Get your Sycamore Brewing on. We had a grand ol’ time there last night and plan to bump it up a notch when we’re there tonight. Though I’m not sure how you top the Piston Honda Pork Taco we were serving. Only one person got the Piston Honda reference. It was all worth it.

Have you heard of Hunter’s Travesty? They’ll be playing tonight from 6p-9p, so you may as well just come over after you clock out and wear your work digs. We’ll be serving up some yum yums starting around 4:30p!

Our big truck is still struggling with the flu so we will not be able to come to Atherton Market Saturday morning. We’ll be basking and cooking in the sunshine both Saturday and Sunday at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Scroll down to see our “Garden” menu as well. We’ll be there serving from 11am-2pm. It’d be great to see you there!

Sycamore Brewing Menu

Korean Pork Wrap

Braised pulled pork with asian BBQ sauce, ginger wasabi slaw and in a whole wheat wrap

Chicken Philly Taco

Marinated and grilled chicken with sautéed peppers and onions topped with creamy queso

Roasted Veggie and Quinoa Wrap

Roasted Carrots, corn, onions, peppers and seasoned quinoa and greens in a whole wheat wrap


Chicken Wings

Sorghum molasses and sriracha/Dry Rub Cajun

Sriracha Mac Bites

Broccoli and Bacon Soup

Green Salad

Carrots, onions, apples and honey mustard vinaigrette

Chocolate Cupcakes w/Bailey’s frosting

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Menu

Grilled Chizzle

Novas French Loaf Bread with cheddar cheese pressed to perfection

Banana and Peanut Butter Sammie

Grilled organic caramelized bananas on novas bread with local peanut butter

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken, greens, celery, onions, blended cheese with buffalo aioli

Steak Taco

Chili marinated grilled flank steak, with shaved green cabbage and ginger slaw


Pasta Salad

SW bean and corn salad

winning all weekend,


It’s Friday. Shhweet.

Holler! Who’s ready for the weekend? Me. You. Let’s do this.

We’ll be in the Duke Building (4th floor) today for lunch and THEN Sycamore Brewing tonight and THEN at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Saturday and Sunday for lunch (11am-2pm). If you’ve never been out to the garden, you should check it out this weekend since the sun will be making an appearance. And they’re having a Peter Rabbit Garden Adventure event, so if you have kids or are a kid at heart you should definitely come on out. But if you are a kid at heart, you can also enjoy mimosas. Adult bonus.

Duke Building Menu, 11am-1:30pm

Chicken Philly $8

Grilled and marinated chicken in house made Chiavetta sauce, topped with sautéed peppers and onions and covered in a creamy queso.


Meat a balla Sub $8

Grass fed ground beef meatball with a herbed marinara sauce and blended parmesan and provolone blend


Korean Pork $8

Korean BBQ Pork with wasabi and ginger slaw atop garlic mashed potatoes


Quinoa Wrap $7

Seasoned quinoa, celery, onions, and corn, roasted potatoes organic greens with a chili aioli in a tomato basil wrap




Fire Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad $2


Green Salad $2


Garlic Mashed Taters $2


Creamy Broccoli and Bacon Soup $4

Good Morning Friends,

Today we will only be going to Innovation Park. We will not be at our usual uptown spot across from Duke Energy. Tonight we will be at Sycamore Brewing as well as tomorrow night! Tomorrow during the day we will be inside the Duke Energy Center.  That give you plenty of opportunities to come out and see us! Bring some friends and introduce them to something new.



Korean Pork Taco

Korean BBQ pork with house made Kim Chi and Cilantro

Veggie Taco

Ratatouille and 3 bean taco, greens, and smoked chili remoulade

New Orleans Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya

Chorizo, marinated roasted chicken, bell peppers and onions, diced tomatoes, chilis, jalapenos and

seasoned rice topped with chopped herbs

Curried Chicken Wrap

Coconut Curried Chicken with pickled cabbage, carrots, peppers and onions in a tomato basil wrap


Red beans and Rice

Green Salad

With fire roasted squash, marinated artichokes, zucchini with roasted red pepper vinaigrette

See you at the cart,



Good Morning Fellow Taco Lovers!

Do you know how to tell if an egg is hard boiled? Well, if it stands up on its end while spinning then it’s done!

Today we will only be uptown across from Duke Energy building with our traditional Taco Day! We will be in that location from 11:30 until 1:30. Help us spread the word; it seems that some people still don’t know that we left our old spot.  Tomorrow night we will be at Sycamore Brewing starting at about 5pm for a special treat. If you miss one of our lunch spots then you can catch us for dinner a few times this week.  We are participating in another Farm Dinner on April 18th. The details can be found here: http://www.thelodgeconcord.com/flatiron-forum. These are always special events that you can’t miss!

Taco Day Menu

Southern Fried Chicken Taco

Poultry Junction Farm’s buttermilk marinated chicken breast, battered and fried, over fresh arugula, and topped with Carolina whiskey sorghum glaze

Grilled Steak Za’atar

Marinated and grilled flank steak over lime and basil marinated shaved green cabbage, and topped with ginger za’atar spiced tzatziki sauce

South Carolina Pork Taco

Smoky pulled pork shoulder, with South Carolina mustard based barbecue sauce, bacon kale “slaw”

Roasted Corn and Quinoa Taco

Roasted sweet corn, tender quinoa, fresh parsley, arugula and a blend of cheeses including a farmstead cheese from Cackleberry Creamery

Ratatouille Beans

3 kinds of beans braised in tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, squash, zucchini, mushrooms and herbs d’ province

Spinachy Salad

Local spinach, roasted bell peppers, marinated artichokes, Spanish olives, and roasted red pepper and chick pea vinaigrette

See you at the cart…yes… the cart!


Even the sheep have a spring in their step.

The good: Happy Tuesday and yaaaay for spring weather!

The bad: We will not be at Free More West today…sad face. We will return next week!

The pretty: Did you see the pastel sheep??

Did you know that Birdsong Brewing Co is opening their new location on Saturday, April 4th?! Roots will be there that night for the grand opening, and then we’ll continue being there every Thursday evening.

Also…farm dinner alert! If you’ve never been a part of one of our farm dinners, here’s your chance. This one is at The Lodge in Concord on April 18th. You can get more info and your tickets here. These are as fun as they sound!

hashtag winning,


Mornings, Muffins, & Mimosas oh my!

Sunny Saturdays are just the best. You know what’s not the best? Spring allergies. And our big truck got such a bad case that he will not make it to Atherton Mill for breakfast. But we will have the little truck at the Mimosa Party over in Elizabeth! My mouth is already watering as I type this out. Breakfast burritos, egg sammies on sweet potato biscuits, apple cinnamon oatmeal, mimosa muffins?! So head on over that way (2128 Greenway Ave), we’ll be there from 8am until about noon, unless we sell out sooner. Have a weekend full of fun and sun!

winning with mimosa in hand,


Hey you guuyyys!

We’re at 2 places today for lunch we’ve never been before, and it’s not going to rain so that’s a plus! Water Ridge. Providence Baptist Church. Be there with bells on.

We’ll also be at 2 places for breakfast (my fave meal!) tomorrow morning. Menus and details to follow a little later today.

Water Ridge Menu (2201 Water Ridge Parkway)

BBQ Pork Slider

Braised pork, house made pickle and NC BBQ Sauce

Egg Salad Slider

House made egg salad, pickled jalapeños and greens

Curried Chicken Taco

Roasted chicken with coconut curry sauce and chopped cilantro

Veggie Wrap

Seasoned quinoa, sautéed zucchini, squash, onions, organic greens in a whole wheat wrap


3 bean salad

Green Salad

With onions, cucumbers, carrots, & a simple vinaigrette

Providence Baptist Church Menu (4921 Randolph Road)

Southwest Chicken Wrap
Free range romesco roasted chicken, 3 beans, cilantro, red onion, and baja aioli
Chimichurri Roja Steak Sandwich
With arugula, fresh cilantro, red pepper goat cheese spread, on an amaroso roll
Banh Mi
Asian infused pork, pickled julienned cucumbers and carrots, jalapenos on a hoagie roll
Veggie Quesadilla
Quinoa, corn and mushroom and blended cheese pressed together on a tomato basil wrap
3 Bean Salad
Broccoli Salad
Roasted red peppers, bacon, onion

keep truckin,


What the peep?

So some of you have probably heard about Peeps milk. If you’re a curious George type, you’ve tried it. It seems that you either love peeps or you don’t. I’m not a fan, but that doesn’t keep me from thinking up crazy ways we could incorporate this marshmallow milk phenomenon into our menu. I’m thinking a chocolate marshmallow milk infused pancake in the shape of a bunny topped with pastel tie-dye colored marshmallow creme. That’s festive right? I don’t think the chefs will go for it.

In other non-peep-related news…both trucks will be venturing out today! Uptown (across from Duke building) and Innovation Park (7201 Hewitt Associates Dr). Don’t let this gloomy weather stop you from grabbing some Trout Po Boy Sliders or Chicken Enchiladas from Roots! They’ll turn that frown upside down.

Almost forgot! Tomorrow we will be at 2 locations for lunch. One will be a new Friday spot at 2201 Water Ridge Parkway. The other is a one-time event at Providence Baptist Church. So we hope you’ll put Roots on your lunch calendar for tomorrow. Lunch calendar ha. Does anyone have one of those?

Thursday Lunch Menu

BBQ Pork Wrap

Braised pulled pork with SC mustard BBQ sauce, kale & spinach slaw, & sweet potato apple chutney in a tomato basil wrap

Trout Po Boy Sliders

Cornmeal and panko breaded Trout on a Novas Boilo slider roll and house made tartar sauce and green leaf lettuce

Chicken Enchiladas

Roasted tomato braised chicken with roasted peppers, onions and mixed cheeses

Roasted Vegetable Salad

Fire roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, onions with green goddess dressing and chia crisp


3 bean salad

Red kidney beans, garbanzo beans and black eyes peas with chili cilantro vinaigrette and chopped onions and jalapenos

Green Salad

Onions, mushrooms, cucumbers and simple herb vinaigrette

winning in the rain,


That’s so fetch.

Is Taco Day your favorite day of the week or is it just me? People (myself included) often have a hard time choosing which tacos they want, so I just get one of each. As should you if you tend to like the appetizer sampler. I asked the chefs what was the greatest number of tacos they had in one shift. Someone claimed 21. Like woah.

Speaking of our chefs…and other staff for that matter… In looking at our website stats, someone actually searched “who works on the roots food truck”. Lucky for you, stalker, we have a whole page that helps ya out with that! I’m just giving you a hard time. I too would want to know who makes my delicious tacos every week.

Taco Day!

Europa Sports (11401 Granite St) & Uptown (across from Duke building) 11am-1:30pm

Poultry Junction Farm’s Chicken Taco

Poultry Junction Farm’s free range chicken braised in tomato romesco, atop tender local spinach, and topped with parmesan and basil

Grilled Roasted Pork Taco

Flame broiled pork butt, finished in the oven and topped with roasted sweet potatoes, bell peppers and grilled red onion, and pink lady apple chutney

Grilled Veggie Taco

Fire roasted veggies topped with creamy walnut and local kale pesto

Fried North Carolina Trout Taco

Fried North Carolina Trout topped with green goddess slaw, kale, spinach, green cabbage, garlic and fresh herbs

Thai Braised Black Beans

Black beans braised in a Thai peanut sauce, and topped with fresh cilantro

Hearty Green Salad

Spinach, Kale, Green Leaf Lettuce, Shaved Red Onion, and Warm Caramelized Onion Bacon Vinaigrette with Pick Peppercorns, Smoked Sea Salt and Savory Marjoram

winning on wednesday,




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