B is for Breakfast!

It’s true it’s true! We’re back at Atherton Mill today to serve you a wonderful Roots breakfast. Can’t wait to see you, we’ve missed you all very much! So let’s get right to it. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

Atherton Mill, 8:30am-12:30pm

Sweet Potato and Bacon French Toast with Chocolate Peanut Butter Syrup

Huevos Rancheros

Eggs, black beans, tomato and corn salsa with blended cheeses

Breakfast Hash

Roasted russet potatoes, red skin potatoes, caramelized onions and green peppers, topped with tomato gravy, fried egg and chopped herbs

Biscuits and Bacon Gravy

House made buttermilk biscuits with creamy peppered bacon gravy

Oysters on the half shell…oyster power!

You’re probably already planning on hittin’ up Sycamore Brewing tonight at some point. If not, then make it part of your Friday night be-chillin-listening to live music- eating Roots food-plan! Here’s some mouth-watering options for you. And if you’re gluten-free, no worries. We can make most menu items to suit you, just ask when ordering! Wow, that was a lot of hyphens in that paragraph.

Sycamore Brewing Menu, 5pm-10pm

Curry Chicken Salad Wrap $8

Celery, grapes, almonds, onions, greens

BBQ Pork Taco $4 each or 3 for $11

Braised pork with Texas BBQ sauce and apple cinnamon compote

Roasted Chicken Taco $4 each or 3 for $11

Poultry Junction grilled chicken with strawberry, tomato, and jalapeno salsa and organic greens

Quinoa and Roasted Veggie Salad $7

Fire roasted zucchini, squash, onions and bell peppers over a bed of greens and red quinoa topped with sweet chili glaze

 Nate’s Nachos $8

House Fried Corn tortillas topped with ground beef and bean chili and queso, cilantro and red onions


Beef and Bean Chili and Cheese Empanadas $4

Lemon Garlic Herb Hummus and Pita Chips $4

Raw Oysters on a half shell, Oyster Power with a sweet chili glaze 5 for $10

Miss Vickies assorted chips $1.5

winning with oyster power,


Happy Weekend!

It’s pretty much the weekend right? Right. We know you don’t really do a lot of work on Fridays. But we won’t tell anyone. We also won’t tell your boss that you took a long lunch to come up to Concord for a free Roots taco lunch at Fifth Third Bank (871 Church St North). Buuut if you can’t sneak away, we’ll be inside the Duke building on the 4th floor serving lunch. Aaaand if you’re not a Duke building employee, then you can get your Roots fix tonight at Sycamore Brewing in South End!

Here’s what’s cookin’ for lunch in the Duke building today…

Duke Building Menu

Korean Pork Wrap $8

Braised pork with Korean BBQ sauce and jalapeno, apple slaw

Chicken Philly $8

Marinated and grilled chicken with sautéed peppers and onions topped with creamy queso and chopped herbs, served on a hoagie

Veggie & Quinoa Salad $7

Roasted zucchini, squash, onions, quinoa, served over greens with sweet and spicy glaze and fresh herbs


Pasta salad with bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and a sweet oregano dressing $2

Kale, Apple and Bacon Salad $6 lg. $3 sm.

Rawl Farm local kale with golden delicious apples and chopped bacon and a herbed vinaigrette

doing a friday dance,


Batter batter swing!

Today is National Take a Chance Day, so I say why not come out to the truck and do just that. Have you been to a Charlotte Knights game yet this season? Always a good time.

We’re at Innovation Park (university area) today for lunch, then off to Birdsong Brewing tonight, 5pm-9pm. It’s Thursty Thursday y’all! There will be live music, a free brewery tour at 6:30pm, and they’ll be tapping their “Babalu” IPA. Sounds like something out of the Jungle Book or Lion King. Awesome.

Looking ahead to Friday, we’ll be inside the Duke building for lunch (4th floor). You’re also invited to get a complimentary Roots taco lunch at Fifth Third Bank in Concord (871 Church Street North), from 11:30am-1:30pm. Come on out, you know the trek is worth it!

Innovation Park Menu

Curry Chicken Salad Wrap

Celery, grapes, almonds, onions, greens

Fish Taco

Panko Crusted striped bass with greens and strawberry jalapeno relish

Brisket Wrap

Braised brisket, black beans and creamy kale and apple slaw

Kale Apple Salad

Roasted carrots, red onion, golden delicious apples and a creamy sweet potato dressing


Pasta salad with sweet oregano dressing

Mrs. Vickies assorted chips

THURSty & winning,


We love Earth.

In honor of Earth Day…

How can you tell the ocean is friendly?

It waves.

What did the tree wear to the pool party?

Swimming trunks.

Hopefully you’re grinning a little now. And pondering what might be on the Roots taco menu today. And hoping we’ve created an Earth Taco. Welp, here ya go!

We’ll be uptown Charlotte across from the Duke building. Talk about perfect weather to enjoy your taco lunch outside today.

Taco Day

April 22, 2015

Chicken BLT

Poultry Junction grilled chicken, chiffonade lettuce, plum tomatoes, pork belly and garlic aioli

Fish Taco

Panko Crusted local striped bass, pickled red onion and jalapeno and local strawberry relish

Brisket Taco

Braised brisket, greens and sweet and creamy kale and apple slaw

Earth Taco

Herbed quinoa and roasted corn, zucchini, squash, greens and sweet potato puree

Creamy Pasta Salad

Chili Spiced Black Beans

winning with all the tacos,


Head to Sycamore Brewing!

Oh hey! Who’s excited for Friday night? You are. We are. Let’s get together at Sycamore Brewing tonight to celebrate. Relax, eat a Detroit Coney, hear the live music, and try Jordy’s Peanut Butter Porter! Sounds like a grand ol’ time to me.  We’ll be there from about 4:30pm-10pm.

And we’ll be back at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden this weekend, serving lunch. They’re also having an event called EarthFest, so you should come check it out! See you soon party people!

Sycamore Brewing Menu

Lemongrass Marinated Chicken Taco

Grilled Free Range Chicken, Lemongrass, a little soy and citrus dressed bell pepper, cucumber slaw

Detroit Coney Dog

All Beef Dog, House made beef chili, yellow mustard and chopped onion….sometimes you just have to eat a hot dog

Grilled Wings

Grilled Free Range Local Chicken wings dressed in House Made Thai Peanut Sauce

Quinoa Burger

Garam Masala, Quinoa, Lemon Aioli, and Frisee and Chervil Salad

Sweet Potato Fries

Accompanied Creamy Local Garlic Chive Sauce

Pasta Salad

Bags O’ Chips

winning with coneys,


Got a case of the Thursdays?

I swear it rains more here than Seattle. If you’re feeling blah, grab a cappuccino to get you to lunch, then get some Roots food! It’s so fresh and scrumptious it’ll wake up all your senses.  Your hunger pains will thank you. We’ll be at Innovation Park (7201 Hewitt Associates Dr) today and then heading to Birdsong Brewing tonight. Their new space is legit so you should definitely check it.

What’s going on this weekend? So glad you asked. We’ll be at Sycamore Brewing Friday night, then at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden for lunch Saturday and Sunday. To celebrate Earth Day, they’re having EarthFest all weekend. In addition to Roots food, there’s local beer and wine, live music, lawn games, and family crafts. AND the first 100 families to visit each day will receive a complimentary tree sapling. Good deal. So plan to get out there!

What’s cookin’ today? You’ve got all the right questions, don’t ya?

Innovation Park Menu, 11am-1:30pm

Thai Peanut chicken wrap

Grilled chicken with carrots, onions, cabbage, cilantro tsukemono and a Thai peanut sauce in a tomato basil wrap

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Braised pork with Texas Style BBQ sauce, house made pickles on a Kaiser roll

Detroit Coney

Local All Beef Hot Dog, with the real deal Detroit Style loose beef Coney sauce, chopped onions and yellow mustard

Quinoa and roasted veggie Wrap

Seasoned Quinoa, fire roasted zucchini, squash, carrots and onions, with a smokey tomato sauce and tomato basil wrap.


Mrs. Vickies assorted chips

Creamy Parmesan Pasta Salad

Pinto and Smoked Beef Chili

missing seattle,



Happy Taco Day to you! Since we love tacos so much and know you do too, we’re going to ignore those water droplets and serve lunch uptown today! Just grab an umbrella or do rock paper scissors with your co-workers to determine who gets to go do the Roots taco run.

Here’s the menu that will brighten your day.

Taco Day

Uptown (across from Duke building) 11:30am-1:30pm

Burger Taco

Mays Meat’s local beef, a blend of cheeses, crisp purple cabbage, house made relish, sweet potato fries and a “special sauce” tangy aioli

Lemon Grass Marinated Grilled Chicken Taco

Local true leaf Frisee lettuce, lemongrass, a touch of soy, grilled chicken, shaved carrot, onion, local purple orach tsukemono

Southern Aloha Taco

Southern pulled pork BBQ topped with warm pineapple pinto, and butter beans, garnished with citrus coated local garlic chive

Grilled Veggie and Quinoa Taco

Windcrest Organic Farm’s arugula, fire roasted carrots, zucchini and squash with roasted crimini mushrooms, seasoned quinoa, greens and  garlic aioli, and local chervil


Pasta Salad

Baked Beans and bacon

 doin a sun dance,


Botanically speaking

Happy Sunday morning to you! If you’ve never ventured to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, you should make it happen. Great weather to be outside and take in some beautiful scenery and some Roots food while you’re at it! We’ll be serving lunch today from 11am-2pm. Here’s what’s on the menu…

Chicken Salad Wrap
House made chicken salad with celery, onions, in a creamy garlic Dijon aioli, crispy cucumbers over greens in a tomato basil wrap

Braised Pork Taco
Grilled and marinated pork, Purple cabbage, carrots, green peppers and celery with red pepper vinaigrette

Black Bean Wrap
Braised black beans, caramelized onions and smoked chilies with greens and topped with garlic aioli and a potato haystack

Grilled Chizzle
American cheese pressed between two sliced of Nova’s French loaf Bread

Kid Hot Dog


Creamy Parmesan Pasta Salad
Fusilli pasta, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, grated parmesan with a creamy herb dressing

Mrs. Vickie’s Kettle Chips
Jalapeño, sea salt, salt and vinegar, BBQ


botanical garden winning,


Oh hey!

It’s Friiiiday! That equals a great time at Sycamore Brewing tonight. Did you know they have Prosecco and wine on tap?! AND cute bottles of champagne. So if you don’t like beer or want to switch it up, just know they have other yummy options for this warm spring day.

Tomorrow and Sunday we’ll be back at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden from 11-2. It’s going to be perfect weather to enjoy the garden, and you can even go in the morning for yoga! We’ll also be out at Hodges Farm for a mud run and party on the farm! Hope to see your beautiful faces at one of these places. Totally didn’t mean to rhyme right there, ha.

Sycamore Brewing Menu, 4:30p-10p

Chicken and Bacon Pimento Slider

Poultry Junction Panko crusted chicken, lightly fried, house made bacon pimento cheese on a slider bun

Pork Taco

Marinated and braised pork, lady apple and bell pepper pico, NC BBQ sauce and organic greens

NC Striped Bass Taco

Wild Caught Carolina Striped Bass breaded in Japanese bread crumbs and topped with pickled carrots, celery, green peppers and a creamy garlic, ginger dressing

 Mushroom & Quinoa Quesadilla 

Roasted crimini mushrooms, corn, red onion, sweet chili vinaigrette, and blended cheeses


Chips & Chili Con Queso 

Sriracha Mac Bites 

Creamy Parmesan Pasta Salad 

Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, creamy herb dressing & fresh grated parmesan

 winning on friday,




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